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Install One Click Job 360 in 5 clics maximum !

Open a Microsoft Word document at home or by clicking here.

Get your Microsoft ID and Password ready !

First open a Word file as you would at home to write any type of document; as for writing a short text, a presentation or... a job offer.

In just a few clicks, the most powerful recruitment tool will be installed on your Microsoft Word page alongside the typography or display functions.


To do this, you must open Microsoft Word from your Microsoft account, professional account

or personal with your email address registered on your Microsoft account

1. Open
Open a blank Word file from your personal or business
Microsoft 365 account 

2. "Adds-In"
Search in this Word file for the “Add-ins” option in the taskbar.
Tips : depending on your Microsoft Word version, it is either on the "Home" Tab or "Insert' Tab.

Below is a link for Adds-In from Microsoft Support.

3. Search
In the window that opens in front of you in Office Add-ins, type the name of the tool "One Click Job 360" in all Microsoft partner applications on the App-Source

img ocj site 3.png

4. Add
Once found, click “Add” to install the “One Click Job 360” tool into your own toolbar

img ocj site 4.png

5. Continue
To complete the installation, accept the terms and conditions which appear in the window for this purpose and which are our conditions of use (also by clicking on the button below)
and click on continue to become a recruiter in one last click!

ocj politique.png

It's done !

One Click Job 360 is now installed on your Microsoft Word toolbar.

You can now write any job offer in just a few seconds, distribute it, boost it or transform it into an employer brand banner!


You can also analyze all the applications obtained and receive performance reports as job offers are posted.

You have become an expert recruiter, effortlessly.



Welcome to the world of Generative AI applied to employee recruitment

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